“Cats are professional ninjas, everyone knows that.”

“Really? I just thought they were cute and cuddly…”

“Well, they’re both. But you know, they’re trained in the art of ninjutsu too!”

“Is that so?”

  A look of concern spread across her face. She was slowly beginning to realize how crazy this guy sounded… but he had gone through so much effort to help her already. Maybe she could humor him for a little while longer, at least until she got out of here…

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  The cat looked around again for any sign of movement. Then he reached into his pocket once more with his free hand and removed another gadget with his teeth. A small black object, the size of a lighter, with a single red button on top. He pushed it and looked back at her nervously once more, worried that she might make another break for it when she saw what he was doing. A moment later they heard three loud beeps in succession coming from up ahead, near the way they were originally headed, followed by some kind of mechanical whirring sound.

“What is that?” She asked quietly. Whatever was happening in that direction sounded like it could be very bad news for them if they got too close.

  The cat ninja started to inch forward toward whatever was making all that noise. If she had to guess (and fortunately for him she did), he must have wanted to get a better look at whatever had caused it.

As she watched him slink toward the danger, she thought quickly about what her options were. The only one who knew where they were going was him, and he seemed more concerned about finding out what might have been making that terrible noise then getting safely away from it. That meant this could be her chance to get away from him and finish making a break for where ever those green lights came from on a hope and a prayer.

When Transistor Radio On?

Before she had time to think of any ways she might be able to make a stealthy escape, though, she noticed something odd about his behavior as he approached the source of the sound up ahead. He reached into his back-satchel and removed a small, handheld device that looked almost like a transistor radio from the mid 1950s. He turned it on – she heard a soft click come from it as he did so.

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Then he began to tip-toe towards the noise, crouching down alot while doing so, moving slowly but surely in what seemed to be some kind of slow motion while holding his breath while he did so. Now by this point she was sure either one of two things were going to happen: either some horrible monster or alien or something was going to jump out at him and maul him alive once he got close enough to investigate the strange source of the murmurous drone, or else there was no such thing and he would simply been seen.


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