Unless one is revealed the definition of these words they are without importance yet when the Spirit provided me to comprehend them they are amongst the most important in the scriptures. The murderer is the first beast of Revelation and the evening is the day that turned dark due to the 2nd monster that is determined as 666. With each other they are the same as the initial developed a massive wall surface of confusion as well as deception and also the second preserved it as well as strengthened it – he kept consistent things of the 1st monster.

Following my reincarnation and with a solid web link to the Spirit of the Universe, the one and only God, it commissioned me to tear down the wall surface and bring in the harvest. We go to completion of the day and what has occurred during the course of it is currently bringing the world to an end.

Tackled a journey of discovery by the Spirit it included a trip to Babylon to find the identity of the killer – it is the sunlight. The sun-star was named Mary and also guys passed 유흥알바 away on crosses to ‘marry’ Mary as well as end up being Papa Gods in paradise. The very first crucifixions happened in this city. Stylised into a woman the great iconic image reigns as the chief God over the Catholic Church; that was established by Constantine in 325 AD. He also installed the photo of Jesus Christ as her son.

His name in English is Consistent as was that of his dad’s so he is Continuous II as well as the name as well as number include in 666 in the Assyrian alphabet. His identification is Assyrian, in face he is an Amorite. They are the original occupants of Babylon and also they built Roma (reverse Amor).

In a vision of the day of the lord it stretched out as a line ahead and much distant was written EVE in large capital letters. In the center was twelve noon and at my placements is EVENING. An enormously brilliant light climbed from me and arched over the day to the start and also both ends were bathed in brightness. Between it was dark and below a man on a cross stood regarding the crowd rising to him.

As that occasion happened c. 2,000 years ago it makes the day 4,000 years long as well as the name ‘Eve’ is from ‘I-v’ which means ‘eye of life’. The bright light in the vision is the Spirit as well as it seeded a group at the beginning of the day. That is when sun-worship began in Babylon and they built a tower to see the picture of the stars in the paradises.

This murderer of spiritual power featured the light of the Spirit to evaluate those who are linked to it and judgment protests those that give in as well as worship the false gods created from it, including Mary.

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