Siesta Key is a gorgeous hedge islet off the seacoast of Sarasota, Florida. People flock to the islet every time because they love the veritably relaxed, bohemian, old Florida sand sense. Siesta Key sand is known for its white beach that’s 99 percent quartz. Indeed on hot summer days the beach feels cool and stimulating on under your bases. Other instigative conditioning include fishing, walking the sand, swimming, snorkeling, voyaging, spurt skiing, parasailing and dining out. Selling a Florida restaurant

Then are 5 great restaurants that I enjoy on Siesta Key

  1. Anna’s Deli and Sandwich Shop

Anna’s has been around since 1971. I love their sandwiches. My favorite sandwich is the Surfer. It’s made up of ham, lemon, swiss, cucumber and Anna’s notorious sauce. If you’re looking for a casual and affordable place give them a pass. You will not be dissatisfied.

  1. The Broken Egg

I took some guests to the Broken Egg a many weeks agone and they loved it. Established in 1984 the Broken Egg has been an islet tradition for numerous times. It’s really popular as a breakfast and lunch spot in the Siesta Key vill. A many of the particulars they serve for breakfast is deep dish quiche du jour, norwegian smoked salmon & bagel and mexican skillet. A many weeks ago I ate the smoked salmon and bagel and it was luscious. For lunch you can always order the Dickie V Burger named after one a frequent client Dick Vitale.

  1. Daiquiri Deck

Then’s another popular dining and drinking destination on Siesta Key. It’s a great place to enjoy a casual mess or some amalgamations in your bathing suit. Located in the middle of the vill this place is always passing. People from every age group can enjoy this fun eatery. A many of their dishes include raw oysters, caribbean funk cobb salad, mahi-mahi serape, snapper wrapper, pepper- caked tuna and coconut cakedtilapia. However, fun and out-of-door place to eat try the Daiquiri Deck, If you’re looking for a relaxed.

  1. Midnight Pass Pub Restaurant

Located on the south end of the islet this eatery offers a good casual dining experience. It’s right across the road from Turtle sand so you’re likely to see people flaxen and in their bathing suits. I took some guests to eat there lately and they loved the grouper salad. Since it’s located on the south end of the islet and down from SK vill is a little quieter. Yet, it’s still a great place to eat.

  1. Ophelia’s on the Bay

If you want to impress someone take them to Ophelia’s on the Bay. This is one of the nicest restaurants in Sarasota. Located on the south end of Siesta Key and directly on the bay it provides a fabulous dining experience while you overlook the gorgeous views of the Sarasota bay. Ophelia’s is now in its 22nd season. It has an old Florida sense, without gaudiness, just a grand view of an unfettered reach of water, mangroves, seabirds, and an occasional boat or dolphin gliding by. The eatery is known for its evolving American cookery style that’s creatively combined with other world cookeries. Combining fresh seafood and fine flesh with Florida grown yield, Ophelia’s offers a menu with a New World flare that changes constantly.

I’ve eaten at all of these Siesta Key caffs and recommend them. They’re all unique in their own way and I do not suppose you’ll be disappointed. However, Florida give them a pass, If you’re visiting Siesta Key.


5 Great Restaurants on Siesta Key, Florida